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Syd Florida is danish for South Florida.

Sydflorida.dk has a special love for the United States and especially for the southern Florida. Therefore, it is our goal to convey the best Florida has to offer. Everything from shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, activities, sports etc. We are constantly looking for cheap flights tickets to Florida. Every time we find a good offer on flight tickets, we search in the local area for great deals on hotels and rental cars. We also do our best to recommend local activities to do in that area.

We find all kinds of different types of travel in the United States. It can be anything from a big city trip in Miami that includes a large amount of sightseeing activities, to a road trip through Florida that includes stops in smaller cities, some of which may not normally be a destinations for Danes

The cost of overseas flights has never been lower – it is in our interest to post material about these cheap lights on this website and on our social media. When we find cheap flights to different parts of Florida, we do our best to find the best places to stay and the best things to do.

Sydflorida is an independent and free service. Sydflorida is not a travel agent.

Why is tourism from Denmark interesting? 

Sydflorida targets its material towards the danish market. By danish law – every danish full-time employee is entitled to at least 5 weeks of paid vacation (source: https://www.borger.dk/ny-ferielov). We want to encourage the danish people to spend their vacation time on travels to Florida.

Copenhagen Airport has for the past years been seeing a growth in transatlantic flights. In 2018 there has been 10 direct flight routes to the US (3 being direct routes to Florida – Miamia, Fort Lauderdale & Orlando). Over the next 20 years it is expected that there will be a growth on 50% on intercontinental routes – this includes the US (source: https://www.cph.dk/expanding-your-world/vakst-og-muligheder-i-hele-danmark).

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